This World Is Not My Home

Thousands are laying up treasure upon earth and thinking of nothing but how to increase it. They are continually adding to their hoards, as if they were to enjoy them forever, and as if there was no death, no judgment, and no world to come!

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Access To God

O! What a privilege that we can directly go to God as our Father and no more as an angry judge! What a wondrous grace that an enemy be made a friend; yes, more than a friend; a son!

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Peace With God

What can be more precious than the church that Christ bought with his own blood! Beloved by God, you are the church and in it you have peace with God and peace with man!

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Brought Near

Father Abraham had many sons, many sons had Father Abraham, and I am one of them and so are you; so let’s all praise the Lord!

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Remember The Past!

As Christians in India, it is a deplorable thing to boast of being a South Indian Christian, a North Indian Christian or a North Eastern Christian as if our physical ancestry or geography merited our salvation in Christ when in fact, we were also without hope and without God.

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